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Our Programs

Benefits of Participation:

The benefits of being an active participant in AATN will include:

  • Consolidation of administrative and back office services for cost efficiency.
  • Representation on the network board to direct anti-human trafficking activities across Arizona.
  • Enhancing collaboration of organizations for a more unified and strengthened response to education on human trafficking statewide.
  • Utilizing current reporting practices for nonprofit activities allowing organizations to leverage their funding, skills, talents and services.
  • Promotion of member organizations.


The mission of CEASE Arizona is to eradicate sex trafficking in the state of Arizona by focusing on the demand for paid sex. By disrupting the business of human trafficking through targeted campaigns aimed directly at sex buyers, we can have a measurable impact in the overall size of the market.

Through awareness, education and law enforcement, we aim to stop buyers from purchasing sex at the point of sale, deter them from future transactions, and change the public’s opinions about the harms of prostitution in our community.


Our Programs


CSI is focused on providing mentoring for youth to develop leadership skills, self-esteem, and empowerment. This innovative and robust after school program is primarily aimed at the most vulnerable youth in our communities.

We envision that it could become a model for youth from all kinds of circumstances – privileged and at-risk alike – because recent studies have shown that ALL YOUTH are susceptible to the coercion, exploitation and manipulation of traffickers and others who mean them harm.

Just Men

Experts in the anti-trafficking movement recognize the unique voice and influence of men to help create just communities in which the vulnerable can thrive. Just.Men.Arizona is a new state-wide initiative launching in 2018 in collaboration with AATN. The goal is to mobilize no fewer than 300 male allies in two years by training them in both demand disruption and demand prevention tactics. Men create the demand that drives sex trafficking. Better men can help end that demand and Just.Men.Arizona is how we’re going to get it done.

Our Programs
SAFE Action Project - AATN program logo

SAFE Action Project

The SAFE Action Project is an Arizona-based, collaborative effort to train tourism industry professionals at all levels to identify, report and prevent human trafficking. Through specialized in-person and web-based training, the SAFE Action Project equips the tourism industry and the travelers with the knowledge and skills about human trafficking in Arizona that is tailored to their specific profession. Everyone has a role to play in combatting this horrific crime.


TRUST, Training and Resources United to Stop Trafficking, raises public awareness on sex trafficking to community members and organizations through speakers, trainings and centralization of anti-trafficking related materials.

Their mission is to coordinate efforts in Arizona and build relationships with stakeholders and assist current service provides to make better use of resources at their disposal.

Our Programs